Every server given to our cusomers is built using the newest parts present in the market. The preparation and adjustment process starts with an indepth analysis of the customer's needs and lets us choose the best equipment in order to allow quick modifications and repairs in case of a malfunction.

During the implementation phase, the equipment is mounted right after the customer is given the parameters of the leased server, followed by an indepth test and installation of system software along with administration panels. In our basic bundles you may find different configurations based on Intel technology, but we may also provide different solutions if there's a need.

Ever server given to our customers is a physically separate machine, accessible only by authorized personel. This ensures there is no need to find compromises in order to separate resources, like it happens in case of shared services like virtual servers or hosting.

We use technologies of the following manufacturers:

  • Intel
  • Amd
  • Adaptec
  • Asus
  • Kingston
  • 3Ware
  • Seagate
  • Sun