DEDICATED SERVERS / Network and Security

All services at are connected with each other through network structures. Our customers receive completely clear, unfiltered channels to interfaces in their equipment – connected to the Internet and other resources described in the contract. This is the default solution, but we may provide other services according to our customers' needs such as port filtering, firewalls, intrusion detection. This allows better defense against outside attacks.

In case of our customer's equipment malfunction we may offer load-balancing and redundancy services based on Barracuda Networks devices.

Outside attacks are not the most dangerous threats for advanced telecommunication services. Quite often, one of the major threats may include an act of god or malicious third-parties. World Internet access at is provided using three physical optic fiber paths and based on a mesh of independent BGPv4 Juniper Networks routers.  is equipped with independent Internet links based on direct traffic exchange with different local and foreign carriers. Therefore our collocation center is not dependant on any other carrier which ensures high redundancy.

All this would not mean anything if there was no power supply working properly. To make sure it does not happen, is equipped with two automatic power generators from IVECO and John Deere and also online power supply units from General Electric and Powerware. If the collocated equipment has two power sockets it is possible to plug it in to two different UPS systems to ensure continuous power supply. center is not only well protected against outside attacks, network malfunctions and power loss but also against unwanted people. The center is guarded 24 hours a day, equipped with an access control system, emergency system, CCTV cameras. We meet all requirements given by GIODO and other government instututions.

We will gladly answer all your questions regarding our network resources and security policies.