The fastest and fully redundant VPS.

Cloud VPS Technology SSD Quattro:

Key features:

  • Read/Write speed up to 2 GB per second

  • Full data redundancy (mirror)

  • Different operating systems

  • based on the latest Intel Silver series processors

  • (IOPS) above 50.000/second

  • Continuity of operation even in the event of a single carrier failure (hot-swap)

  • Quick backup processing.

Why SSD Quattro is better than NVME based VPS systems?

The main advantage of the SSD Quattro technology over NVME based technology is the reliability without losing the speed possible with the usage of NVME.

NVME disks are directly connected to the server's data bus what in case of a malfunction may lead to a longer gap in provision of the service as well as data loss.

SSD Quattro means that every data chunk is being stored on 4 independent super effcient SSD disks in two copies each using a special hardware controller acting as the intermediary between the disks and the data bus.

NVME disks have been designed to work in the desktop and notebook environment and their implementation in the world of servers does not include various security mechanisms required in professional server solutions.

The SSD Quattro technology is characterized by the read/write speed similiar to that of NVME as well as the reliability of professional SSD drives meant for servers .

Is the SSD Quattro solution much more expensive than a regular Cloud VPS ?

The price of Cloud VPS SSD Quattro servers is not much higher than that of regular Cloud VPS servers. The difference is mainly based on the size of the disk of the VPS.

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