Protection from DDOS attacks

Many years of experience in protecting servers from DDOS accidents has resulted in one of the most excellent attack detection and mitigation systems currently offered to any Internet access service at no extra charge.

Physical structure of detection system:
  • Traffic sensors on external network connections
  • Traffic sensors on internal network connections
  • Real-time traffic analysis servers with a heuristic element to create a valid traffic model
  • Mitigation control servers
  • Switches mirroring traffic
Physical structure of the Mitigation System:
  • High-performance network switches
  • Backbone routers
  • DDOS BYPASS routers
Basic types of mitigated attacks:
  • Volume dense attacks based on UDP packets
  • Socket overrun attacks - based on TCP packets
  • SYN FLOOD attacks
  • Attacks on individual layer 4 services.
  • Packet fragment attacks
  • DNS FLOOD attacks
Attack detection times and mitigation times:

  • Thanks to the use of real-time analysis technology, most attacks are detected and mitigated within a few (on average 2-4) seconds.

A more detailed description of DDOS accidents protection systems is available to interested and existing customers.