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VPS servers
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Service components VPS XS VPS S VPS M VPS L VPS XL
Processor frequency 2.20 - 2.60 GHz 2.20 - 2.60 GHz 2.20 - 2.60 GHz 2.20 - 2.60 GHz 2.20 - 2.60 GHz
Number of processor cores 1 core 1 core 2 cores 3 cores 4 cores
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Disk space 50 GB
(hardware RAID)
100 GB
(hardware RAID)
150 GB
(hardware RAID)
200 GB
(hardware RAID)
300 GB
(hardware RAID)
Bandwidth 100 Mb/s
[symmetrical link].
Transfer limit unlimited
IP addressing 1 address IPv4
Installation price no installation price
full preparation of the new VPS server for operation (installation and configuration of the panel and the necessary components)
external data backup at least twice a week [Snapshoot].
turnaround time: maximum 24 hours

What is VPS/Cloud
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Virtual servers VPS are fully functional server platforms as seen from the world. What distinguishes them from real machines such as dedicated servers is that their existence is not dependent on a specific hardware platform.

However, the resources seen by the systems installed on them are not real devices (disk, network cards) but virtual ones. These resources can be dynamically allocated, reduced or increased according to the client's needs, or transferred to other physical resources in the blink of an eye (hence the term cloud in which the virtual machine is located, although for the user it is not important in which physical part).

VPS servers are a great simplification for the user, as he or she is not responsible for the physical elements of the server, the backup of the entire machine is performed automatically and can be restored at any time in the event of a malfunction of the system installed on the virtual server.
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VPS servers are perfect for applications such as application servers, mail servers, database servers, web servers or for low-density hosting services due to their highly simplified management.

They are an excellent tool for backup servers for services based on real machines.

Even in the case of rather high requirements in those fields where individual configuration of system options or server functions is necessary so that they can be tailored to the customer's needs, VPS/Cloud servers are an intermediate step between simple hosting and the dedicated resources of rented servers.
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Cloud VPS Technology SSD Quattro:

Key features:
  • Read/Write speed up to 2 GB per second
  • Full data redundancy (mirror)
  • Different operating systems
  • based on the latest Intel Silver series processors
  • (IOPS) above 50.000/second
  • Continuity of operation even in the event of a single carrier failure (hot-swap)
  • Fast backup processing.
Why SSD Quattro is better than NVME based VPS systems?

The main advantage of the SSD Quattro technology over NVME based technology is the reliability without losing the speed possible with the usage of NVME.

NVME disks are directly connected to the server's data bus what in case of a malfunction may lead to a longer gap in provision of the service as well as data loss.

SSD Quattro means that every data chunk is being stored on 4 independent super effcient SSD disks in two copies each using a special hardware controller acting as the intermediary between the disks and the data bus.

NVME disks have been designed to work in the desktop and notebook environment and their implementation in the world of servers does not include various security mechanisms required in professional server solutions.

The SSD Quattro technology is characterized by the read/write speed similiar to that of NVME as well as the reliability of professional SSD drives meant for servers.

Is the SSD Quattro solution much more expensive than a regular Cloud VPS ?

The price of Cloud VPS SSD Quattro servers is not much higher than that of regular Cloud VPS servers. The difference is mainly based on the size of the disk of the VPS.
Cloud-in-Cloud - VPS servers wholesale offer
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The Cloud-in-Cloud service is an extremely financially attractive offer of an in-house VPS cloud in which the customer bills according to the contracted total resources, allocating them according to needs and own will to any number of virtual machines - separate from each other.

What's more, they can change their total resource package at any time when their needs exceed their current contracted volumes.

In the Cloud-in-Cloud service, the customer virtually becomes the owner of a Virtual Private Cloud, freely managing its resources and allowing full flexibility and speed to meet the needs of its own customers.

The contract parameters in this case are :
  • total volume of storage space
  • total number of processor cores (vcore)
  • total RAM capacity
Private Cloud - Cloud Computing
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For customers requiring high availability of services and data security in a distributed system with simultaneous continuous synchronization, we recommend dedicated cloud systems, the so-called Private Cloud. This allows you to create virtual servers on your own dedicated infrastructure and dynamically allocate resources to them.

What is Private Cloud ?
Private Cloud is a farm of physical machines sharing their physical resources and making them available in a virtual form. Virtual machines can migrate between physical machines without having to stop them, so downtime is completely eliminated. At the same time, their virtual disk resources are distributed between physical machines in the form of a virtual resource, the so-called pstorage.

Solution benefits:
  • scalability - the ability to add another physical machine to the farm and distribute the load with additional resources.
  • choice of virtual systems - the technology allows you to transfer entire images of virtual machines and containers and any operational syetems are served simultaneously.
  • high performance of virtual disk systems (data is distributed between machines connected by fast direct links with a capacity of 10 Gbps)
  • ease of use - thanks to the panel's cloud management system
  • double disk data protection - data is simultaneously protected by local RAID systems and by the cloud system
  • the ability to distribute cloud resources in different geographic locations

Private Cloud Example :
The smallest private mini-cloud consists of 3 physical machines connected to each other by a redundant 10 Gbps network. Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 systems are installed on the physical machines In the event of damage to any element of the cloud (physical server), virtual machines automatically move to other physical resources.

As Private Cloud can be freely configured, both in terms of size and performance, for a specific valuation of the solution, please contact the sales department.(click)

DataHouse.pl is a long-term partner of Parallels Inc. (Odin) - a leading producer of virtualisation software.
Turnkey solutions
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Select the parameters that interest you - the disk size, amount of cpus and memory, and one of the free or commercial management panels that interest you, and you will get a server ready for operation in no time.
As part of the installation, we will optimize its operation in terms of performance so that the displayed page has higher Yahoo Yslow and Google PageSpeed ??indicators. In addition, you can increase the resources of the machine at any time if the existing ones are no longer sufficient.

We offer ready-made LAMP platforms (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) equipped, if desired, with the following management panels:

Free Management Panels:

Simple server management panel. Enabling the monitoring of resources, process configurations and operating system parameters. Recommended for more advanced users.

A simple service management panel for multiple domains and pages on the server creating the so-called virtual servers. Recommended for users who want to offer simple hosting of multiple websites.

A good panel to manage any number of websites, email accounts, DNS services. Easy to use with an intermediate level of advancement.

A simple, but very professional panel for managing websites and hosting accounts with full support for websites, DNS

Licensed Panels:

Excellent, professional hosting panel for hosting services. Full support for all hosting functionalities: www server, email server, DNS, network drives, client accounts, process monitoring. By far the best platform to provide web hosting services. Available in separate versions for VPS machines and dedicated machines.

A good management panel with all the functionalities needed in modern hosting. Licensed depending on the functionality and number of domains supported. It supports all hosting functionalities such as WEB, EMAIL, DNS, client accounts.
A simple, inexpensive, licensed management and hosting panel that supports all hosting functionalities along with panelization for client accounts. Recommended for a small number of hosting accounts.