Turnkey solutions

Do you need an efficient cloud server for your website?

Select the parameters that interest you - the disk size, amount of cpus and memory, and one of the free or commercial management panels that interest you, and you will get a server ready for operation in no time.
During the installation, we will optimize its operation in terms of performance so that the displayed page has higher Yahoo Yslow and Google PageSpeed. In addition, you can increase the resources of the machine at any time if the existing ones are no longer sufficient.

We offer ready-made LAMP platforms (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) equipped, if desired, with the following management panels:

Free Management Panels:

Simple server management panel. Enabling the monitoring of resources, process configurations and operating system parameters. Recommended for more advanced users.

Simple service management panel for multiple domains and pages on the server creating the so-called virtual servers. Recommended for users who want to offer simple hosting of multiple websites.

Good panel to manage any number of websites, email accounts, DNS services. Easy to use with an intermediate level of advancement.

Simple, but very professional panel for managing websites and hosting accounts with full support for websites, DNS

Licensed Panels:

Excellent, professional hosting panel for hosting services. Full support for all hosting functionalities: www server, email server, DNS, network drives, client accounts, process monitoring. By far the best platform to provide web hosting services. Available in separate versions for VPS machines and dedicated machines.

Good management panel with all the functionalities needed in modern hosting. Licensed depending on the functionality and number of domains supported. It supports all hosting functionalities such as WEB, EMAIL, DNS, client accounts.

Simple, inexpensive, licensed management and hosting panel that supports all hosting functionalities along with panelization for client accounts. Recommended for a small number of hosting accounts.

Do you want to have your own cloud for keeping your files, contacts, documents, calendars for you and your colleagues?

We offer a ready-to-use solution based on a VPS / Cloud server with ownCloud software.

Solution features include:
  • Access to your data from any location via a computer, tablet, smartphone.
  • Data synchronization between devices.
  • Calendar of events
  • Share data with other people.
  • External data store.
  • Event log.
  • Document viewers.
  • Possibility to add additional applications.
You select the size of your disks, the number of processor cores, and RAM. At any time during the service, you can increase these resources as your needs grow. Not sure where to start? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Do you need a server for your company's data and documents?

Small Bussiness Server for your enterprise. Available in a free and a licensed version in SBS (up to 25 employees) or Enterprise (no limits). Zentyal offers a large amount of functionalities necessary in any modern enterprise, from user authorization, through company data sharing and maintenance, to e-mail functionalities fully integrated with MS Outlook. More information about the functionalities can be found on the website here.

Do you need a CRM system to manage contacts with customers and sales?

Customer contact management system filled with functionalities, ready to work in both the free and commercial versions in many variants.

A great tool for:




in your company.

SugarCRM functionalities on the DataHouse platform include:


-Call Center

-Full email integration

-Google integration

-Mobile CRM

-Many languages support

-Project Management



-CRM for the "social" kind of portals

Take advantage of all these functionalities, all you need to do is select the size of the virtual platform and we will prepare a ready solution. Or feel free to contact us and we will select the parameters appropriate to your needs.

More information about the solution can be found here.

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