Co-location of cabinets

Customers who need more than just co-location of a single device can rent complete 42U telecommunication cabinets in 600/1000 mm sizes (other cabinet sizes can be placed and rented upon request).

The telecommunications cabinet colocation service includes:
  • RENTAL of a telecommunications cabinet (if the customer does not have his own)
  • electricity supply (400VAC,230VAC,48VDC)
  • air-conditioning (with the possibility of connecting a supply system and a warm air outlet)
  • monitoring of services
  • access to network infrastructure, including fibre optic lines
  • access to Internet resources
  • possibility of access to antenna installations
As an option, we offer remote access control for co-located cabinets.
This gives the subscriber full control over physical access to their equipment.
Remote access control is based on professional Schneider Electric solutions dedicated to APC cabinets (standard in our data centre.
It is a particularly popular solution in view of the regulation coming into force RODO.

Space in DataHouse

RENTAL of rack space 19'' PRICING
1U 40 zł netto/month
10U 380 zł netto/month
21U 750 zł netto/month
42U 1270 zł netto/month
¹ for a 12-month contract, the discount is 7%

The prices quoted are net prices

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