Servers co-location

The best place to keep your own data and services is not always your own home or business premises.
Placing them at central point in the network with guaranteed power, connect to internet resources, proper cooling and administrative care will always carry both increased stability and lower maintenance costs.

What are the benefits of colocating your own servers in a colocation centre?

  • continuous surveillance (monitoring) of your equipment
  • redundant access to network resources
  • proper temperature conditions
  • guaranteed power supply
  • Consultation with administrators
  • flexible increase in bandwidth
  • shorter routes (lower "pings")
  • security against theft and unauthorised access. offers colocation of servers to meet the customer's needs regardless:
  • device type - we accept both standalone and rack-mounted devices
  • size of the equipment - from 1U to 40U and from desktop to BigTower enclosures
  • required power to supply the device (from nominal 250W to 30KW and more)
  • total number of power supplies
  • supply voltage (400V,230V, 48VDC)

Each colocation service features a large number of value-added services in package - such as basic power supply or 10 Mbit unlimited transfer traffic to neutral national service exchange points. And installation fees start from  PLN 1 (+vat).

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