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Private Cloud Systems

For customers requiring high availability of services and data security in a distributed system with simultaneous continuous synchronization, we recommend dedicated cloud systems, the so-called Private Cloud. This allows you to create virtual servers on your own dedicated infrastructure and dynamically allocate resources to them.

What is Private Cloud ?

Private Cloud is a farm of physical machines sharing their physical resources and making them available in a virtual form. Virtual machines can migrate between physical machines without having to stop them, so downtime is completely eliminated. At the same time, their virtual disk resources are distributed between physical machines in the form of a virtual resource, the so-called pstorage.

Solution benefits:

  • scalability - the ability to add another physical machine to the farm and distribute the load with additional resources.

  • choice of virtual systems - the technology allows you to transfer entire images of virtual machines and containers and any operational syetems are served simultaneously.

  • high performance of virtual disk systems (data is distributed between machines connected by fast direct links with a capacity of 10 Gbps)

  • ease of use - thanks to the panel's cloud management system

  • double disk data protection - data is simultaneously protected by local RAID systems and by the cloud system

  • the ability to distribute cloud resources in different geographic locations

Private Cloud Example  :

The smallest private mini-cloud consists of 3 physical machines connected to each other by a redundant 10 Gbps network. Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 systems are installed on the physical machines In the event of damage to any element of the cloud (physical server), virtual machines automatically move to other physical resources.

As Private Cloud can be freely configured, both in terms of size and performance, for a specific valuation of the solution is a long-term partner of Parallels Inc. (Odin) - a leading producer of virtualisation software.

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